Skin Deep

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The object of the game is to shoot the knived enemies.

For each attacker you kill, your score increases by 1.

When a knived enemy gets close enough, he will attack. If you are sufficiently close whilst he attacks, you will lose health.

When your health drops to 0, the game is over.

Enemies get increasingly dense and move increasingly quickly over time.

Desktop/Laptop Controls

Use your keyboard's arrow keys to move the player. Use the spacebar to shoot bullets.

Mobile/Tablet Controls

Use the on-screen arrows to move the player. Press the gun icon to shoot bullets.

Special Items


The Medikit adds 20 health. This lifesaver appears very frequently.


The Remedy Pill slows down and thins the enemy crowd. This appears each time your score reaches a multiple of 50. Not to be underestimated.


The Shotgun is simply better than the default pistol. It shoots three streams of pellets and is unlocked after your score reaches 100.


The player sprites used in this game were created by Riley Gombart. This pack is licensed under CC-BY 3.0. They can be found at:

The fingerprint image used as the opening background and favicon can be found at:

The opening music is by Gioele Fazzeri, from: Pixabay

The bullet image comes from: freepnglogos

The pistol image comes from:

The shotgun image comes from:

Health: 100

Kill Count: 0

You died